Q+A With Lanie Girl and Surfer Quincy Davis


What does your morning routine look like?

I usually wake up around 7ish and hug and kiss my boyfriend & dog Bowie. haha. I will make a matcha and then we go check the waves and bring Bowie to the beach, depending on the waves I will go surf or workout. After I’ll make some breakfast and then go to my store to check in and head upstairs to the office and work for a bit. 


What does your sleep routine look like? 

I usually go to sleep around 10 or 11 pm. We eat dinner later in the summer because it stays light so late which I love. No matter how tired I am I always shower before getting in bed. Then my little skin care routine and I always use coconut oil after on my body. Then I slip into my favorite emerald striped ML pajama set. 

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? 

Kiss my boyfriend. 

If you were stranded on a beach, what 3 things would you bring with you?

SPF, surfboard and a big hat. 

Describe your perfect day! 

A beach day with friends and family and really fun warm waves. I love the feeling of being surfed and sunned out at the end of the day, maybe a nap before a BBQ with friends at home or go out somewhere fun for dinner and drinks. Summer time is definitely my favorite. 

How has your relationship with surfing evolved over time?

I started surfing so young, my whole family surfs so I learned from them. I was addicted I would stay in the water all day every day when I was younger. I was very competitive, I loved going on road trips to contests with my friends and surfing in every division possible haha. I think what has evolved is my competitive nature, I don’t compete anymore and I really enjoy free surfing now, trying different boards in different conditions. 

How are you staying mindful during this time? 

I try to move my body every day it really clears my mind or meditate every other day. I just started meditating a few years ago and it has helped me so much! I feel so much more grounded and clear when I do it. 

How are you staying busy right now? 

I have been busy getting my store open, operating that and building my online store. I truly love it, it really is so fun curating the space and exciting to see when it all comes to life.  It’s fully open now! Come stop by! :) 

How would you describe your store? 

I always loved the space that my store is in now, it reminded me of my board shed my dad built for me when I was younger with a Q on it. What I love most are sourcing and buying and seeing it come to life. It feels like a reflection of my travels, fresh, vibrant surf inspired and girly. 

What’s one of your favorite pieces you currently sell at Quincy? 

It changes constantly because I hand select each piece but I love this new jewlery brand Dezso we brought in, Suzie Kondi Terry tank jumpsuits are insane that are coming soon and Morgan Lane swim!  

What is your workout routine?  

I have been loving any type of pilates workouts and surfing of course. I do these videos online that also have cardio in them they are so good! I go through phases though where I am super motivated every day to workout or sometimes just a few days a week. I feel better mentally when I sweat and move my body.  

How would you describe life as a professional surfer?

Lucky! I love traveling to surf and all my very close friends I have made through the surf community.  

What is your dream vacation once quarantine is over? 

Fiji! A surf trip with my girlfriends.